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Tobias Granström

Selected Projects

Tobias Granström

Granström studied film making at Stockholm Film School before diving head first into the commercial film industry.

Throughout his career he has immersed himself in all levels of motion picture creation including production, set-design, as a member of grip and gaffers crews and finally as a storyboard artist and editor before becoming a multi-talented internationally-minded director in 2012.

Tobias is known for combining his love for classic cinematography with groundbreaking visual effects and 3D animation. Tobias employs progressive film technology to serve the creative.

Named “Sweden’s Best Commercial Director” by the prestigious Roy Awards, Tobias’ unique visual storytelling abilities have attracted global brands like IKEA, Coca Cola, VW, Save the Children, General Electric, Chevrolet, Toyota, Jaguar, JEEP and Mercedes-Benz.

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