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Julian Acosta

Selected Projects

Julian Acosta

Julian Acosta emerged from meagre circumstances in Bakersfield, California and describes himself as always having been driven by wanderlust and a deep-seated love of music.

His work showcases an ability to use nostalgia, music and candid shots to evoke emotion and create new memories.  Julian uses the rich backdrop of the Americana he witnessed while bouncing around the States as a session percussionist and with his own band.

The spiky aggression and teenage earnestness which characterised his music matured into a signature poetic realist filmmaking style, leading to unique and original short films, music videos and ultimately advertising campaigns.

More recently Julian has put his performance driven skill set to good use for artists and venues negatively impacted by the pandemic.  He directed a livestream of “Aberdeen”, the acclaimed first-person musical storytelling performance that unfolds via the spoken word, songs, animation and projections.  All proceeds went to charity.

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