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Julien & Quentin

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Julien & Quentin

Julien & Quentin are both based in Paris and first met in art school in their late teens. After several years working predominantly as motion designers, the two friends started directing music videos together.

Thanks to numerous Vimeo Staff picks and the attention of Shots the duo were able to transition into advertising.  Their commercial reel now features commissioned campaigns from brands such as Dior, Google, Puma, Citroen, Volkswagen and Grover.  Their style is innovative and bold and a vibrant mix of their love for cinema and their background in pop culture.

Defined by a distinct rhythm and identity, their multifaceted approach distinguishes them and their eclectic works from their peers.  In tune with internet culture, photography, the rich heritage of French cinema, dance and their creative ever evolving philosophy, Julien & Quentin create work that moves and excites audiences.

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